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Kim Roe - President & Founder

Kim is married to Casey and they have 3 children, Christopher, Maggie, and Phoebe. Although Phoebe is their ticket into the Down syndrome world, Kim and Casey are no strangers to advocating. Christopher has ADHD and Celiac Disease and they have been advocating for him since he was 5 years old and they needed to overcome the stereotypes that are associated with people who have ADHD.  

Kim is an electrical engineer by degree and worked as a programmer for many years before leaving that career to teach middle school math. After several years of teaching in VA, the family moved back to PA to be near family and Kim took a job at her family's company and has settled into the roll of book keeper/office manager.  

Kim has previously been on the board of directors for a local soccer league as well as a different Down syndrome social group. With those groups, she has worked on fundraising, marketing, and program development. At the national level, she was a board member of the Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action and is currently a board member and the fundraising coordinator for The International Down Syndrome Coalition.

In her spare time, Kim likes to spend time with her family and play soccer!

Casey Roe - Treasurer

Casey has owned his own company, Called Mid Atlantic Telecommuncations for over 10 years. He works closely with businesses all over the country as part of his daily work. Casey has a passion for advocacy that began with his children, but continues to be ever fueled by his wife!

Casey's main role with LDSA is to market and promote not only the group but also our upcoming fundraisers and events! Casey is passionate about advocating so his daughter can have a better life!

In his spare time, Casey enjoys hunting and spending time with his family.

Holly Kominsky - Secretary

Holly has 1 child, Eric, who has Down syndrome. Holly has been involved with other local Down syndrome groups for the past several years. Holly is the work behind our facebook page. She keeps herself busy with Eric, who is always on the go!  

Lisa Sweigart - Motorcycle Ride and BBQ Coordinator

Maegen Wagner - Board Member

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