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Who is Lancaster Down Syndrome Advocates?

Lancaster Down Syndrome Advocates began from a need for Down syndrome Advocacy in the community.  We partner with other group and companies to work smarter rather than harder and pool the resources we all have on hand.  Our goal is to educate the community on how to exist more inclusively with people who have intellectual disabilities.  

Vision Statement:

A community where people with Down syndrome and their families can live, love, and pursue their desires with support and encouragement.


The mission of Lancaster Down Syndrome Advocates is to facilitate advocacy and awareness for individuals with Down syndrome in the Lancaster area through education and inclusive events.


1.  Provide people with Down syndrome and their loved ones with the information and means necessary to advocate for their social, educational, and medical needs.

2.  Provide education to the community so they understand how to accommodate the needs of people with intellectual disabilities into everyday life.  

3.  Provide a list of resources that practice inclusion successfully.

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Endorsments & Partners:

Kiki Davis

Kristen Kondratowski
Pequea Pals

Dr. Carroll Tyminski
Associate Professor of Education
Elizabethtown College